Professional Services

Bestgate's services team is comprised of talented engineers with proven experience in their fields. Our staff is skilled in both compiled and interpreted languages at various levels, from kernel module modifications to presentation layer interfaces. We are experienced in multiple software development lifecycle methodologies and versed in many of our customers' internal engineering processes. Our staff is competent in configuring, deploying, and managing multiple software development support tools and technologies, such as build management, software configuration management, continuous integration, static analysis, and profiling.

System Integration

We are experienced in COTS and GOTS technology integration and modernization; continuous integration and build management; and fielded system support.

Software Engineering

By trade, Bestgate is rooted in software design and development. Let our professionals help you full lifecycle - from conceptualization and prototyping to maintenance and support.

System Analytics

Our staff can analyze and implement low-level OSI protocols, including both wired and wireless standards, to provide solutions and actionable intelligence to our customers.


Wireless Engineering

We have both industry and academic experience with the 802.11 protocol. We have expertise in surveillance, profiling, and data mining. Our staff has successfully delivered mechanisms to perform unsolicited stimulation of 802.11 stations, directional antenna geolocation algorithms, frame parsing, and analysis tools.

PKI & Cryptography

Bestgate Engineering staff are subject-matter experts in enterprise key management systems. We tackle the hardest problems in engineering public key infrastructures, from system conceptualization and design, to implementation of proprietary and open standard technologies and frameworks.

Embedded & Real-Time

From Linux kernel module modifications, command and control software and payload integration, to environmental prediction algorithms. We solve an array of diverse, challenging real-time and embedded software engineering problems for our customers.

Enterprise Systems

Whether it's back-end infrastructure, application software, or COTS integration, our team builds pragmatic, robust software solutions that exceed your expectations. Ask us about our experience in service-oriented computing, virtualized systems, and cloud computing environments.

System Modernization

We have a proven track record in legacy system reengineering, converting decades-old mission critical applications into modern frameworks using sustainable technologies. Our staff re-architects modern systems for increased scalability, performance, and maintainability

Lifecycle Support

Our engineers are experienced in multiple forms of software and systems engineering methodologies, including the Rational Unified Process, Agile, and NSA Way. We support these processes in both engineering and process management positions.

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